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welding industrial nottingham

Welding Industrial in Nottingham

Industrial Welding - Key Processes Explained

There are several methods of industrial welding. These include:

Gas Fusion Welding 

This is primarily used for welding cast iron. It uses a welding process that melts the core metals at the join. The original part is throughly cleaned, prepared and welded using a gas fusion welding rig with the addition of a flux. The flux protects the metal from contamination. The final weld will be equally as strong as the original metal and, once cl;eaned, is virtually invisible. 

Metal Stitching

Metal stitching is a process using a metal pin and lock to repair a crack or break. The main benefit of metal stitching is being able to undertake the repair in situ. This is a major benefit for machinary on ships and oil platforms.

The main component of metal stitching is the stitching pin. These pins have evolved over many years from simple threaded bolts through tapered pins to the highly sophisticated threaded fasteners available today.

The other key element is locks. They are primarily used in industrial repairs.

Locks have also evolved over the years and have been created in many shapes, sizes and strengths.

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Industrial Welding

Nottingham is a major manufacturing city situated in the East Midlands, whose prosperity was founded during the industrial revolution on the textile industry, in particular lace manufacture.

However the UK textile industry fell into decline in the decades following World War Two and very little textile manufacture now takes place in Nottingham.

Nottingham is home to the headquarters of many famous companies, one of the best known being Boots the Chemists.  Although Boots is no longer a research based pharmaceutical company, a combination of former Boots researchers and university spin off companies have spawned a thriving pharmaceutical/science/biotechnology sector. Biocity, sits in the heart of the city and houses around thirty science-based companies.

Nottingham receives a considerable volume of tourists, with many attracted by its nightlife and shops, by its history and by the legend of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, with thousands visiting Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle.

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