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"I Was Amazed To Discover That Technilock Guaranteed To Pay Me £250 If They Couldn't Fix Any Fracture, Frost Damage Or Erosion To Any Cast-Iron Or Alloy Parts On My Vintage Car"

Introducing The Unique "VINTAGE AND CLASSIC CAR REPAIR SERVICE" For All Your Cast-Iron Or Alloy Parts…

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Just when you thought one of your cast-iron or alloy components on your vintage or classic car was beyond technical or economic repair...

Don't despair! We guarantee to fix any cast-iron or alloy component on your Veteran, Edwardian, Vintage or Classic car. If we can't - we'll give you £250.

I know this is an unusual offer, but our combined 44 years experience in cold metal stitching and gas fusion welding has given us the unique expertise to tackle even the most difficult problems.

We created our Vintage And Classic Car Repair Service to help enthusiasts all over the world to cost-effectively repair the cast-iron and alloy components on their vehicles. All our work is guaranteed for a full 12 months, and our aim is to retain as much of the existing parts as possible.

As you'll soon discover there really isn't any risk. Simply call us now on +44 1283 222202 or click here to complete our FREE Cast-Iron/Alloy Analysis Form.

I appreciate you're going to need some convincing, before you contact us. Therefore instead of filling these pages with hype, I'm going to give you the bare facts. I'm also going to list several testimonials from other customers. Our customers are our best salespeople so I'll let them do the talking - so to speak!

By giving you all this information you'll be in a position to make a sound decision.

Here are the facts…

44 years combined experience in the vintage and classic car restoration industry
We use the existing parts so your car retains its authenticity
We thoroughly explain the process we are going to use
Specialist gas fusion welders
Metal stitching specialists
We have an open workshop. Come and have a look at what we do anytime!

Okay that's all the facts.
Here's the proof…

"The repair to the starter motor housing on my 1932 Sunbeam 16, was and is excellent. You even repaired / replaced the part of aluminium casting that had been missing for years. Thank you."

Mr John Pennington
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK

"It has been some years since we first came to Technilock for cast iron repairs, and since then you have carried out successful work not only by welding or by metal stitching cast iron but also by metal stitching aluminium castings.

In the early days, David Baker assured us that he was able to carry out a repair under particularly difficult circumstances by using a lock on the exhaust valve seat of an Alvis 12/50 cylinder head.

I have to confess that we questioned the idea at the time, but as the car belongs to us we asked him to carry out the repair. Several years and many many thousands of miles of hard driving later, we are convinced that David has achieved what we considered impossible, and the repair is as good as the day it was completed!

Since then we have enjoyed the benefit of first class workmanship from Technilock on cars ranging from Aston Martin to Delage, and from Alvis to Bristol.

These days we no longer experience horror on discovering casting damage to ancient machinery. We have always been able to rely on Technilock for successful and unobtrusive repairs. As nearly all of our customers use their old cars over high mileages, it is essential for us to be able to rely on this quality work."

Crispin Thetford, Reter Thetford Motor Engineer, Mathon, Worcestershire.

Real Life Examples Of Our
Specialist Service…

Fractures through valve chamber and external walls.

Excavated fracture of Darraq
1904 engine block.

Finished gas fusion welding repair and fully machined.


Pre 1905 cylinder block.

After a metal stitching repair.

You Risk Nothing, Not Now - Not Ever…

Now it's time for me to back everything up…

You've got the hard facts

You've got the proof

Here's my way of standing behind our VINTAGE AND CLASSIC CAR REPAIR SERVICE. The service comes with this unique guarantee…

Guarantee 1: We guarantee to solve your problem or you won't be charged AND we'll give you £250.00 for your inconvenience

Guarantee 2: If in the first 12 months the same problem re-occurs we'll fix it at no cost to you OR we'll refund the money you paid in the first place

Guarantee 3: We will repair the cast-iron component by retaining as much of the existing parts as possible, or we will replace them with an exact copy. It will look and perform as good as new

(please note for obvious reasons we cannot guarantee
competition engines on this exact basis)

I think you'll agree no one in our industry would offer a guarantee like this - or even dare to. But that's the confidence we have in our ability. I hope you can trust us to help solve your problem just like we've done for hundreds of other people like yourself. I promise you won't regret it!

If all this doesn't convince you to contact us I guess nothing will. You really have got nothing to lose.

How To 'Start The Ball Rolling'…

There are 2 quick and simple ways to contact us…

1. Call us on: +44 1283 222202

2. Click here to complete the FREE Cast-Iron/Alloy Analysis Form (you can attach a photograph of the problem for a free initial analysis)

If you're unsure or still doubt what I'm saying, why don't you take full advantage of the guarantee…

How To Take Advantage Of
The Guarantee…

Simply give us a try today. If our VINTAGE AND CLASSIC CAR REPAIR SERVICE doesn't match your highest expectations, or you're not happy with the results, don't pay us - we don't even want your money.

Why You Should Give Us A Try…

Two good reasons…

1. Why not? You're completely backed by the guarantee.

2. The sooner you reply - the sooner we can solve your problems.

This is a positive decision you'll be very glad you made.

Click here to complete your
FREE Cast-Iron/Alloy Analysis Form

Kind regards,

David Baker

P.S. All we're really asking is for you to say 'maybe.' Try our VINTAGE AND CLASSIC CAR REPAIR SERVICE out, you've got nothing to lose - you're fully covered by our risk free guarantee!


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