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"Just When You Thought One Of
Your Ships Was Not Repairable, Or Would Be In Repair Berth
For Days Or Even Weeks…"

Introducing The Unique "MARINE REPAIR SERVICE" For Engine Repair And Reconditioning, And Major Engine Failures…

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  • Crucial reconditioning of engine components such as cylinder heads (covers), turbo charge casings, gearboxes and pumps etc.

  • For chronic leakage of water, oil, and combustion gases

  • Major engine failures (valve breakage's, loose piston skirts causing stuffing box damage, balance weight failures, etc).

If getting your ship back into service, cost-effectively and as quickly as possible is of great importance to you, our specialised, guaranteed, and Lloyds approved gas fusion welding and metal stitching Marine Repair Service is perfect for you.

As you'll soon discover there really isn't any risk. Simply call us now on +44 1283 222202 or click here to complete our FREE Marine Analysis Form.

I appreciate you're going to need some convincing, before you contact us. Therefore instead of filling these pages with hype, I'm going to give you the bare facts. I'm also going to list several testimonials from other customers. Our customers are our best salespeople so I'll let them do the talking - so to speak!

By giving you all this information you'll be in a position to make a sound decision.

Here are the facts…

Lloyds certification to ASME 1X standard
Our QA procedures meet ISO 9002 requirements
We go on board ship using engineering and metal stitching techniques
No matter where in the world the faulty part is dropped off, we can ship it back to our workshop, repair it, and return it back to you wherever you want. Approximately 70% of our marine work is carried out in this manner.
All of the Directors actually do the work - not hired hands!
24 hr worldwide emergency response
We recognise the ships timetable and time charters are important, and get you mobile as soon as possible.
We are renowned for solving problems most other people would say can't be done
We have an open workshop. Come and have a look at what we do anytime!

Okay that's all the facts.
Here's the proof…

"Repairs to the bedplates of the diesel engines of our historic passenger ship Balmoral were carried out at short notice, despite the length of the repair programme. Access for repairs was difficult yet the work was carried out cheerfully and met the standards required by the MCA. Thank you."

Mr Ian McMillan
Waverley Excursions Ltd
Glasgow, UK

Real Life Examples Of Our
Specialist Service…

Exhaust cages fractured breaking into the combustion face. Excavated ready for welding.

K.major ready for painting after repairs have taken place.


Mirriees K.major bedplate. Black dotted line shows fracture.

Shows finished masterlocks. Bedplate is further locked by stitching down each side of the bearing housing. Bedplate is ready for machining.

You Risk Nothing, Not Now - Not Ever…

Now it's time for me to back everything up…

You've got the hard facts

You've got the proof

Here's my way of standing behind our MARINE REPAIR SERVICE. The service comes with this unique guarantee…

Guarantee 1: We will be with your ship within 24 hours of your call. If we're late, we'll pay you £100 for every additional hour

Guarantee 2: If in the first 12 months the same problem re-occurs we'll fix it at no cost to you OR we'll refund the money you paid in the first place

Guarantee 3: We will only accept your payment once you're 100% happy and satisfied with our work.

I think you'll agree no one in our industry is offering a guarantee as powerful as this. It's our vivid way of showing you the belief we have our MARINE REPAIR SERVICE - and our ability to solve many of your problems. Problems that on many occasions people think are irrepairable!

If all this doesn't convince you to contact us I guess nothing will. You really have got nothing to lose.

How To 'Start The Ball Rolling'…

There are 2 quick and simple ways to contact us…

1. Call us on: +44 1283 222202

2. Click here to complete the FREE Marine Analysis Form (you can attach a photograph of the problem for a free initial analysis)

If you're unsure or still doubt what I'm saying, why don't you take full advantage of the guarantee…

How To Take Advantage Of
The Guarantee…

Simply give us a try today. If our MARINE REPAIR SERVICE doesn't match your highest expectations, or you're not happy with the results, don't pay us - we don't even want your money.

Why You Should Give Us A Try…

Two good reasons…

1. Why not? You're completely backed by the guarantee.

2. The sooner you reply - the sooner we can solve your problems.

This is a positive decision you'll be very glad you made.

Click here to complete your
FREE Marine Analysis Form

Kind regards,

David Baker

P.S. All we're really asking is for you to say 'maybe.' Try our MARINE REPAIR SERVICE out, you've got nothing to lose - you're fully covered by our risk free guarantee!


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