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"What Do You Do When One Of
Your Cast-Iron Machinery/ Components Fails?"

Introducing The Unique "CAST-IRON REPAIR SERVICE"
For All Your Cast-Iron Component Failures…

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Just when you thought one of your cast-iron components was beyond technical or economic repair...

Is it difficult for you to find a specialist company to repair your cast-iron components quickly and cost-effectively? A company that truly understands the huge impact of 'down time'? If so I have good news…

In 1994 we created our unique Cast-Iron Repair Service that meets these challenges head-on. And as you'll soon discover there really isn't any risk. Simply call us now on +44 1283 222202 or click here to complete our FREE Cast-Iron Analysis Form.

I appreciate you're going to need some convincing, before you contact us. Therefore instead of filling these pages with hype, I'm going to give you the bare facts. I'm also going to list several testimonials from other customers. Our customers are our best salespeople so I'll let them do the talking - so to speak!

By giving you all this information you'll be in a position to make a sound decision.

Here are the facts…

First and foremost we guarantee repair to any of your cast-iron components/machinery using gas fusion welding and metal stitching techniques, leaving it performing as good as new.
Next we recognise machine downtime is important even critical to you - every second counts. We therefore get you up and running as soon as possible. Our 24 hour response service ensures this.
With every job enquiry we offer a FREE analysis and consultation (click here) - so you've got nothing to lose even when you call. Then it's up to you to go with us or not.

These three benefits are the key elements of our service. But there's more - much more. That's why our clients keep coming back to us time after time…

Here are nine reasons why our customers say they keep using our services…

24 hr emergency response
Overnight repair if needed
Lloyds certification to ASME 1X standard
Our QA procedures meet ISO 9002 requirements
We go on site using engineering and metal stitching techniques
No matter where in the world the faulty part is, we can transport it back to our workshop, repair it, and return it back to you wherever you want.
All of the Directors actually do the work - not hired hands!
We are renowned for solving problems most other people would say can't be done
We have an open workshop. You can come and have a look at what we do anytime!

Okay that's all the facts.
Here's the proof…

"Your service is helpful and with a problem solving approach. More importantly your response time is excellent with jobs being finished in the time agreed. Above all else your quality of work is excellent. Thank you."

Mr Neil Wakeham, Kerry Foods Ltd,
Burton on Trent, Staffs.

"Having used Technilock for many years now, we find the quality of their services second to none. They are fast and efficient, and along with a friendly customer relationship we will no doubt be using them for many years to come."

Mr Terry Rampton, Shipaid Diesel Services Ltd, Lincoln

"We have no hesitation in recommending your services to others as we have already done so on a number of occasions. We have been extremely happy with the standard of service received from you."

A S Services,
Melbourne, Derbyshire

"A very satisfactory service and repair. And should the need arise, I would be happy to have your company back."

Mr Alan Hale, Couristan Carpets Ltd,
St Helens, Merseyside

"The service we received when a large casting fractured on our plate metal folding machine was first rate.

This is an important piece of equipment in our busy fabrication shop. The repair was of the highest standard and it is impossible to tell that the machine has been repaired.

We have no hesitation in recommending Technilock for fast, efficient, and high quality cast-iron repairs."


Mr Joe Walker, Abiljo Excavator Services Ltd, Fauld, Burton on Trent

"Very good technical support and experience. Competitive cost and delivery. An excellent all round service."


Mr Steve Harvey, Knapp Toolmaking Ltd,
Wellingborough, Northants

"Fast, efficient service. Excellent work carried out with the least amount of disruption. Very pleased with finished jobs."


Mr B J Colver, Hallmark Tractors Ltd,
Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire

"Very impressed with the jobs you've done for us. You always provide a very quick response to our initial enquiry and always a job well done! Thank you."


Mr John Miller, Alloy Stock Ltd,

Real Life Examples Of Our
Specialist Service…

Large industrial gearbox after all the fractures have been removed and prepared.

Metal stitching repair finished.


Cable manufacturing 'A' frame prepared ready for repair.

Repair completed using
metal stitching.


Shattered dredger slewing
arm gearbox. Top half.

Finished gearbox rebuilt and tested prior to despatch.

You Risk Nothing, Not Now - Not Ever…

Now it's time for me to back everything up…

You've got the hard facts

You've got the proof

Here's my way of standing behind our CAST-IRON REPAIR SERVICE. The service comes with this unique guarantee…

Guarantee 1: We will respond within 24 hours of your call. If we don't, we'll pay you £100 for your inconvenience!

Guarantee 2: If in the first 12 months the same problem re-occurs we'll fix it at no cost to you OR we'll refund the money you paid in the first place

Guarantee 3: We will only accept your payment once you're 100% happy and satisfied with our work.

I think you'll agree no one in our industry would offer a guarantee like this - or even dare to. But that's the confidence we have in our ability. I hope you can trust us to help solve your problem just like we've done for hundreds of other people like yourself. I promise you won't regret it!

If all this doesn't convince you to contact us I guess nothing will. You really have got nothing to lose.

How To 'Start The Ball Rolling'…

There are 2 quick and simple ways to contact us…

1. Call us on: +44 1283 222202

2. Click here to complete the FREE Cast-Iron Analysis Form (you can attach a photograph of the problem for a free initial analysis)

If you're unsure or still doubt what I'm saying, why don't you take full advantage of the guarantee…

How To Take Advantage Of
The Guarantee…

Simply give us a try today. If our CAST-IRON REPAIR SERVICE doesn't match your highest expectations, or you're not happy with the results, don't pay us - we don't even want your money.

Why You Should Give Us A Try…

Two good reasons…

1. Why not? You're completely backed by the guarantee.

2. The sooner you reply - the sooner we can solve your problems.

This is a positive decision you'll be very glad you made.

Click here to complete your
FREE Cast-Iron Analysis Form

Kind regards,

David Baker

P.S. All we're really asking is for you to say 'maybe.' Try our CAST-IRON REPAIR SERVICE out, you've got nothing to lose - you're fully covered by our risk free guarantee!


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