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"Why Pay £180 Per Ton (Or
More) When You Can Pay Per
Defect? And Get A Guarantee
That No-One In Our Industry Dare's Offer"

Introducing The Unique "CASTING REPAIR SERVICE"
For All Your Cast-Iron Component Failures…

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Paying too much for your casting repair?

Here's the deal…

You send us one of your castings to be repaired. We'll test it for FREE (you can come over and watch us if you want). We'll give you a price per defect - not per ton. And you choose if you want us to carry out the work or not. If not we'll even pay for the carriage!

As an example, a two ton casting could be as little as £95 to repair a defect!

Fair enough?

Why would we offer such a deal?

Our method is quite simple. Our business was established in 1994 to look after the foundry industry. That's why we created our unique 'Casting Repair Service.'

I'll cut to the chase and say right up front we want your business. But this offer isn't extraordinary.

Let me explain…

This is how we operate for all our valued customers. By costing the casting on a per defect basis, your costs are slashed, and we still do okay. It's a win-win. The offer of free carriage - if you don't want to go ahead is our way of saying, 'thanks for giving us a try!'

As you'll soon discover there really isn't any risk. Simply call us now on +44 1283 222202 or click here to complete our FREE Casting Analysis Form.

I appreciate you're going to need some convincing, before you contact us. Therefore instead of filling these pages with hype, I'm going to give you the bare facts. I'm also going to list several testimonials from other customers. Our customers are our best salespeople so I'll let them do the talking - so to speak!

By giving you all this information you'll be in a position to make a sound decision.

Here are the facts…

24 hr emergency response.
We successfully repair cast-iron using gas fusion welding, metal stitching, and electric arc welding - guaranteed. We can show you proof with photos, and we'll even provide you with a test piece if required
Our unique repair service cuts the cost of you having to re-cast your defect castings
Gas fusion weld repair to as good as new - totally invisible repair guaranteed
Strength is as good as new. We use the same grade of material to match your castings for an invisible repair (to the naked eye)
Only use certified welders with Lloyds certification to ASME 1X standard
Only use certified metal stitchers with Lloyds certification

Okay that's all the facts.
Here's the proof…

"Very courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. Certainly the best specialist welder in the UK if not Europe.

Very friendly company - with an understanding of how time conscious clients are and that the job needs to be done quickly."

Mr Carl Sergeant
Coupe Foundry Ltd
Preston, Lancashire, UK

"I have known of and used the services of Technilock for many years - testimony in itself.

Throughout the time we have worked together, the technical quality has been matched by the quality of service.

It has not always been possible to get the 24 hour turnaround but when our backs have been against the wall then we have been able to call on that specialist service to get us out of trouble.

Whenever we have provided product for which we require remedial work to be done, we have always been given a quote before the work started and that price has always been held firm, but the job has never been held up as a result."

Mr John Willets, Vanguard Foundry Ltd
Stourbridge, West Midlands

"Technilock have been our main source of specialist weld repair for many years. Their workmanship is of an excellent quality as is delivery.

We favour Technilock especially when large castings need a small amount of repair thus saving a reject part. Their technical knowhow and assistance is always given freely and we shall continue to use them in the future."

Mr G J Sweetmore, Progress Foundry
Cobridge, Stoke on Trent

"Technilock have provided us with a first class service for the repair of high value castings."

Mr Tony Hollins, Tattersall Alloy Castings Ltd, Towcester, Northants

"The quality and standard of repair received has been very good, and as a result there hasn't been any complaints from the end users of the castings. Keep up the good work!"


Mr C Hawley, J & J Siddons Ltd
Hill Top, West Bromwich

"1st class service. 1st class results on rectification work to reclaim castings."


Mr John Wildsmith, Wombwell Foundry Ltd
Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Real Life Examples Of Our
Specialist Service…

Defective foundry casting.

Repaired by gas fusion welding.


Defective foundry casting.

Repaired and ready for painting.


Fractured machine bed requiring metal stitching.

Metal stitching in progress.

You Risk Nothing, Not Now - Not Ever…

Now it's time for me to back everything up…

You've got the hard facts

You've got the proof

Here's my way of standing behind our CASTING REPAIR SERVICE. The service comes with this unique guarantee…

Guarantee 1: The gas fusion welding repairs we carry out will be completely invisible to the naked eye. If not - you don't pay a single penny!

Guarantee 2: We will repair the casting within 48 hours of it being delivered to us. (Unless of course the job can't be physically completed in under 48 hours). If not - we won't charge you for the work AND for your inconvenience, we'll give you £100 for each hour we're late

Guarantee 3: If in the first 12 months the same problem re-occurs we'll fix it at no cost to you OR we'll refund the money you paid in the first place

Guarantee 4: We will only accept your payment once you're 100% happy and satisfied with our work.

I think you'll agree no one in our industry is offering a guarantee as powerful as this. It's our vivid way of showing you the belief we have our CASTING REPAIR SERVICE - and our ability to solve many of your problems. Problems that on many occasions people think are irreparable!

If all this doesn't convince you to contact us I guess nothing will. You really have got nothing to lose.

How To 'Start The Ball Rolling'…

There are 2 quick and simple ways to contact us…

1. Call us on: +44 1283 222202

2. Click here to complete the FREE Casting Analysis Form (you can attach a photograph of the problem for a free initial analysis)

If you're unsure or still doubt what I'm saying, why don't you take full advantage of the guarantee…

How To Take Advantage Of
The Guarantee…

Simply give us a try today. If our CASTING REPAIR SERVICE doesn't match your highest expectations, or you're not happy with the results, don't pay us - we don't even want your money.

Why You Should Give Us A Try…

Two good reasons…

1. Why not? You're completely backed by the guarantee.

2. The sooner you reply - the sooner we can solve your problems.

This is a positive decision you'll be very glad you made.

Click here to complete your
FREE Casting Analysis Form

Kind regards,

David Baker

P.S. All we're really asking is for you to say 'maybe.' Try our CASTING REPAIR SERVICE out, you've got nothing to lose - you're fully covered by our risk free guarantee!


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