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Introducing The Unique "VINTAGE AND CLASSIC CAR REPAIR SERVICE" For All Your Cast-Iron Or Alloy Parts…

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Yes! Please contact me to discuss my vehicle repairs. I understand there's no obligation and if I do decide to go ahead you offer a risk free guarantee and these additional benefits…

1. 44 years combined experience in the vintage and classic car restoration industry.

2. We use the existing parts so your car retains its authenticity.

3. We thoroughly explain the process we are going to use.

4. Specialist gas fusion welders.

5. Metal stitching specialists.

6. We have an open workshop. Come and have a look at what we do anytime!

Here's what one customer has to say about our leading edge service…

"During the course of sixty years in the Trade I have seen numerous examples of cold-stitched repairs; none could approach the quality of your workmanship for strength, security, durability, accuracy and neatness."

Peter Thetford - Motor Engineer, Mathon, Worcestershire, UK Tel: 01684 540935

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