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Introducing The Unique "CAST-IRON REPAIR SERVICE" For
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Yes! Please contact me to discuss my cast-iron repairs. I understand there's no obligation and if I do decide to go ahead you offer a risk free guarantee and these additional benefits…

1. First and foremost we guarantee repair to any of your cast-iron components/ machinery using gas fusion welding and metal stitching techniques, leaving it performing as good as new.

2. Next we recognise machine downtime is important even critical to you - every second counts. We therefore get you up and running as soon as possible. Our 24 hour response service ensures this.

3. With every job enquiry we offer a FREE analysis and consultation - so you've got nothing to lose even when you call. Then it's up to you to go with us or not.

4. 24 hr emergency response.

5. Overnight repair if needed.

6. Lloyds certification to ASME 1X standard.

7. Our QA procedures meet ISO 9002 requirements.

8. We go on site using engineering and metal stitching techniques.

9. No matter where in the world the faulty part is, we can transport it back to our workshop, repair it, and return it back to you wherever you want.

10. All of the Directors actually do the work - not hired hands!

11. We are renowned for solving problems most other people would say can't be done.

12. We have an open workshop. You can come and have a look at what we do anytime!

Here's what one customer has to say about our leading edge service…

"Having used Technilock for many years now, we find the quality of their services second to none. They are fast and efficient, and along with a friendly customer relationship we will no doubt be using them for many years to come."

Mr Terry Rampton, Shipaid Diesel Services Ltd, Lincoln

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