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Introducing The Unique "CASTING REPAIR SERVICE" For
All Your Cast-Iron Component Failures

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Yes! Please contact me to discuss my casting problems. I understand there's no obligation and if I do decide to go ahead you offer a risk free guarantee and these additional benefits…

1. 24 hr emergency response.

2. We successfully repair cast-iron using gas fusion welding, metal stitching, and electric arc welding - guaranteed. We can show you proof with photos, and we'll even provide you with a test piece if required.

3. Our unique repair service cuts the cost of you having to re-cast your defect castings.

4. Gas fusion weld repair to as good as new - totally invisible repair guaranteed.

5. Strength is as good as new. We use the same grade of material to match your castings for an invisible repair (naked eye).

6. Only use certified welders with Lloyds certification to ASME 1X standard.

7. Only use certified metal stitchers with Lloyds certification.

Here's what one customer has to say about our leading edge service…

"Very courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. Certainly the best specialist welder in the UK if not Europe.

Very friendly company - with an understanding of how time conscious clients are and that the job needs to be done quickly."

Mr Carl Sergeant
Coupe Foundry Ltd
Preston, Lancashire, UK

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