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"Introducing A Cost-Effective, Proven And Unique Approach To Cast-Iron And Alloy Repair"
Just when you thought it couldn't be repaired or restored…

Welcome. If you're looking for a specialist service to repair or restore any cast-iron or alloy component I have good news…

Since 1994 we've been revolutionising the repair and restoration techniques used to repair and restore cast-iron and alloy components.

Using cold metal stitching and gas fusion welding techniques you can be confident that even so called 'lost causes' can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a replacement, saving you hundreds even thousands of pounds.

And you can benefit from our services across the World including Europe, the USA and Canada.

During the last 9 years we've developed four distinct and very specialised services. For more information please click on the service that applies to you most…

Marine Repair And Reconditioning

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  • Repairs when major engine failure occurs e.g. con-rod, piston skirts, balance weights, valve breakage's etc.

  • Chronic problem leakage's e.g. of water, oil, and combustion gases etc.

  • Reconditioning of components e.g. cylinder heads (covers), turbo charge casings, gearboxes, pumps etc

"Repairs to the bedplates of the diesel engines of our historic passenger ship Balmoral were carried out at short notice, despite the length of the repair programme. Access for repairs was difficult yet the work was carried out cheerfully and met the standards required by the MCA. Thank you."

Mr Ian McMillan
Waverley Excursions Ltd
Glasgow, UK

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Vintage And Classic Car Repair And Restoration

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Repair to engine and other component failures (anything on the engine made of cast-iron and alloy that fractures, has frost damage or has eroded). For example, crank-case, sump, manifold, cylinder head, cylinder block, exhaust and gear boxes.

"The repair to the starter motor housing on my 1932 Sunbeam 16, was and is excellent. You even repaired / replaced the part of aluminium casting that had been missing for years. Thank you."

Mr John Pennington
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK

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  • Repair to cast-iron machinery/components

  • Production machinery failure in heavy engineering, food manufacturers, agriculture, power generating industries, hosiery machinery etc.

"Your service is helpful and with a problem solving approach. More importantly your response time is excellent with jobs being finished in the time agreed. Above all else your quality of work is excellent. Thank you."

Mr Neil Wakeham, Kerry Foods Ltd,
Burton on Trent, Staffs.

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Repair to castings with cracks, sand inclusions, shrinkage, misplace cores, and handling damage e.g. broken lugs etc.

"Very courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. Certainly the best specialist welder in the UK if not Europe.

Very friendly company - with an understanding of how time conscious clients are and that the job needs to be done quickly."

Mr Carl Sergeant
Coupe Foundry Ltd
Preston, Lancashire, UK

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Our Services

"We have been very satisfied with the rendering of your services to our firm. We actually recommend you to third parties when appropriate."

Ludo Van Vyncht
Managing Director
Servtec Bvba
Kontich, Belgium


"During the course of sixty years in the Trade I have seen numerous examples of cold-stitched repairs; none could approach the quality of your workmanship for strength, security, durability, accuracy and neatness."

Peter Thetford - Motor Engineer, Mathon, Worcestershire, UK Tel: 01684 540935


"I have known of and used the services of Technilock for many years - testimony in itself.

Throughout the time we have worked together, the technical quality has been matched by the quality of service."

Mr John Willets, Vanguard Foundry
West Midlands, UK


"Fast, efficient service. Excellent work carried out with the least amount of disruption. Very pleased with finished jobs."

Mr B J Colver, Hallmark Tractors
Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK

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